Here to provide a truly holistic approach to your financial well-being

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Since its inception over 23 years ago, BDH Leaders have offered our clients personalised service and deep relationships, along with the quality and expertise you would expect from a much larger accounting firm. While we are most widely known for our accounting and taxation services, we also provide financial advice and strategic guidance. 

This emphasis on delivering a truly holistic approach to our clients’ financial well-being has now expanded to include a new service under the banner of BDH Private Wealth. 

Joining our team is Marcus Hill, an investment specialist with over 24 years’ experience in capital markets. Marcus is a Master Member of the Stockbrokers and Financial Adviser Association and his primary focus is managing the investment portfolios of high net worth individuals and families.

Same but different

For our clients, BDH Private Wealth will simply be an extension of the service and expertise that is currently available to you, should you choose. You will still work directly with your accounting partner who is available to listen to your concerns and together with Marcus, we can discuss financial solutions that are tailored to your circumstances and your goals.

But now, with the addition of Marcus Hill and BDH Private Wealth, we can help you achieve your wealth ambitions by exploring your options – wherever you are in your financial journey. 

BDH Private Wealth is a natural evolution of the services we already offer. It comes from our commitment to listening to your needs and our dedication to offering holistic financial solutions for businesses and individuals.

Low interest rates means revisiting our perceptions of low risk investments

One of the challenges for our clients preparing for retirement or for those who have already retired are the consistently low interest rates which are expected to remain low for some time.

While low interest rates are great if you wish to borrow money, for investors, the ultra-low yields on fixed-interest products (such as bonds) no longer provide a sufficient buffer against inflation. In turn, this makes these traditionally low risk products a potentially risker strategy than you may have considered.

As a result, working out the best option to follow is more complex and will require a more careful consideration of your individual situation.

There’s good news!

Using the right mix of investment options can create balance and that’s where we can help. We are here to be your knowledgeable first point of contact for all your financial matters by providing carefully considered and tax effective financial advice.

By using our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge, we can provide you with alternative investment strategies that could help achieve your goals and wealth creation ambitions. We are here to answer your questions and provide advice so please get in touch.

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