Fringe Benefits Tax

With extensive experience in managing companies through FBT, our tax specialist team offers practical, straightforward advice and assistance.

We provide efficient wage packaging for taxable, concessional, and exemption benefits to private or non-profit employees and investigate the interaction of GST, FBT, and non-deductible income tax expenditure. We specialise in identifying and valuing reportable benefits and keep a current record of recent legislative changes, recent decisions, and the data matching process between the Australian Tax Office and our clients (ATO).

How Can We Help You?

If your employees use company assets for personal enrichment, you must pay FBT. Some benefits, such as work-related items (laptops, software, and briefcases) and taxi expenses, are exempt from FBT as long as they are primarily used for employment. With our experienced FBT team, we can help you comprehend and circumnavigate the FBT laws with ease.

BDH Leaders provides general guidance on the impact and amount of FBT you must pay and assists many businesses with various FBT requirements such as return planning, analysis, and filing. We believe in going above and beyond our clients’ expectations by taking the time to understand what their goals are and where they want their business to be. 

Our team is aware that the Fringe Benefits Tax, or FBT, applies to various non-salary benefits tax, including travel and expenses. The FBT system has several reporting and compliance requirements that must be informed and supported to be fulfilled, which the BDH Leaders team can assist you with.

Our Services include: