Family Business.

BDH Leaders has the experience and expertise to help family businesses structure their business and finances to ensure their growth and legacy are meaningful and sustainable.

We combine our passion and experience with helping businesses and families build and protect their wealth so that financial security is a legacy enjoyed by future generations.

How Can We Help You?

We help our family business clients fulfil their financial ambitions by gaining an in-depth understanding of the family business – its structure, stakeholders and finances, and the family. Family members may include those currently working in the business, those who have worked in the business and/or those family members who will be joining the business. We are experienced in working with various generations to create a single financial vision.

Our capabilities include:

  • Succession and transition planning

  • Financial, accounting and business advisory support

  • External advice on ways to approach issues and conflict resolution

  • Business coaching and mentoring

  • Developing and implementing a family charter, family forums, family councils and advisory boards

  • Operational and strategic management structuring