Financial Modelling

Our Microsoft Excel specialists have extensive experience in reviewing and re-engineering complex financial models, taking existing spreadsheets, and improving their integrity, functionality, reliability, and flexibility.

We can perform a tailored independent review to give management, and other stakeholders comfort on model integrity. We can also challenge the norm, finding more efficient and best practice approaches that can yield real long-term benefits for a small cost.

What’s the formula?

Below is a brief outline of how we will make it happen:

  • Conduct an obligation free ‘diagnostics and scope’ meeting to identify your key issues
  • Create or modify custom financial models, budgets or cash flows designed to suit your specific needs
  • Streamline data importation and/or financial reporting processes
  • Review the integrity, accuracy and robustness of your existing spreadsheets
  • Incorporate sensitivity or scenario analysis into cash flow forecasts or similar
  • Perform agreed-upon-procedures and independently report on financial models
  • Provide training to your staff covering the “Tips & Tricks” on day-to-day tools which will enhance their productivity and efficiency
  • Provide assistance to troubleshoot and resolve any Excel errors.

The analytical and investigative skills derived from many years of auditing blend with our hard-earned Excel skills, which enables us to understand both the model in front of us and the data behind it

How Can We Help You?

Since a financial model can make or break a company or investment, it must be sound. We rigorously test our financial models and continue to review them over time. Our team consists of experts in advanced Modelling who do all of the building, testing and reviewing. We can also improve the integrity, functionality, reliability, and flexibility of existing models you already have.

We can conduct a tailored independent review to provide management and other stakeholders with confidence in the model’s integrity. Our experts have a comprehensive knowledge of revising and restructuring any challenging financial models. We can also recognise more effective methods that offer you more extended benefits for your business.

Our Services for Financial Modelling include:

Here’s a quick rundown of how we plan to do it: