Restructuring is a broad concept covering anything from a straightforward reorganisation of business processes to more complicated situations involving a shift in the underlying business’s legal framework. 

Efficient restructures can minimise costs, take advantage of other organisations’ synergies, protect assets from unintended losses, and provide tax-effective flexibility. However, changing the ownership arrangement has several tax consequences, including income tax, capital gains tax, and stamp duty, all of which must be appropriately handled. 

BDH Leaders assists companies in proactively managing their status and safeguarding their interests. Our experts have both the technological and market expertise required to turn around a company and ensure long-term success in many industries. Our business restructuring services cover all aspects of your company’s restructuring requirements.

Restructuring should be considered for your business when:

  • You are searching for outside equity.
  • Your organisation has outgrown its current structure.
  • You are thinking about succession planning.
  • You are making an estate plan.
  • You want risk protection for your assets.

How Can We Help You?

BDH Leaders has undertaken hundreds of corporate restructures, many of which were for family-owned companies looking to prepare for succession and estate planning. We approach business restructuring from a commercial perspective, handling and reducing any tax liabilities that may arise. Our seasoned team takes the time to thoroughly guide your company priorities through every restructure. 

When done correctly, reforming your company will accomplish several goals without incurring significant tax costs, ensuring that you get the most out of the transition.

Our Services include: