Risk Insurance

We can all accept that in the event of an unforeseen event, we need insurance cover. The challenge is finding out what sort of cover you need at different stages of your journey. We recommend you look at risk insurance when you have family or have debt that needs to be serviced regularly.

Risk Insurance divisions of BDH Leaders can help you with this significant aspect of your financial plan. We will see how much you need to keep your family’s living standards up or any financial commitments that would be jeopardised if your situation changed dramatically.

How Can We Help You?

Our team will assess your risks or needs and recommend the best ways to protect your assets, liabilities and income. We can provide risk retention alternatives through various excess options – I’d remove personally?

We will also recommend the best insurer to match the risk. And we will always provide prompt and timely service for your general insurance needs to keep you informed of issues that may affect your business – I’d also remove unless it’s related to general insurance like above.

Our expert partners MBS Insurance will advise you on how to incorporate and cover the major types of risk insurance available, taking into account your specific circumstances.

Our Services include: