Succession Planning

When you’re ready to retire, what will happen to your company once you do? It’s crucial to develop a succession plan for the future so that heirs can be prepared and you can reap the benefits of your hard work. Frequently, family companies discover that they have waited far too long to start preparing their exit. In addition, economic and technological change can have unanticipated implications.

BDH Leaders collaborates closely with clients to ensure that they are prepared beyond their immediate business needs. To ensure that the approach implemented is ideal from a legal, financial, and funding perspective, BDH Leaders works closely to understand what type of legacy one wants to leave and how best to do it. We can assist in developing a successful customised plan that allows a company to transition after a key person retires seamlessly. 

How Can We Help You?

Successful succession planning plans necessitate a high level of legal knowledge. The experts at BDH Leaders have overseen and guided this transition for a wide range of businesses. We have the knowledge and skill to ensure your company’s leadership alteration goes as efficiently as possible. We help clients effectively hand over the reins of their businesses to the next generation or maximise the value of their businesses when they sell them. 

Our consultants have dealt with all facets of succession planning before. They are well-versed in performance psychology, will-writing, and grappling with the ‘dilemma’ of Capital Gains Tax.

Our Services include: