Real Estate Solutions – Agents.

To reach your business potential in today’s economy, you will need the right help with relevant industry experience. That is why an increasing number of real estate companies are turning to the team at BDH Leaders.

We continue to attract more and more interest from abroad, not only in the form of direct investment, investment through funds, and establishment of local operations, but also in the form of direct investment, investment through funds, and establishment of local operations.

These industries, however, face a highly competitive market in the sense of ever-more complex financial and regulatory challenges because they involve numerous parties and interests in pursuit of growth.

That is why they need us to navigate these challenges and come up with novel real estate solutions. Our real estate agents are dedicated to putting you in charge of your money. Our team has also audited commercial property trust accounts and owners’ corporation/strata plans, as well as commercial property recoverable outgoings statements.

Our services are available for all major asset classes:

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Retail
  • Tourism Infrastructure
  • Retirement Villages
  • Aged Care Residential Facilities

How Can We Help You?

BDH Leaders integrated approach covers both your business and personal finances. As a direct contact point, your customer director is assigned to you. Following meetings, they will assemble a team of experts to meet your unique needs better to determine your financial goals. BDH Leaders’ Real Estate Solutions covers a broad range of consultancy services to a varied customer base in the real estate industry.

Our professionals assist you in efficiently transacting investment or development transactions by utilising a multidisciplinary skillset. Our team works with you from the beginning to the end of the transaction, from planning to execution and completion. Our team helps you reduce the complexities of achieving your goals by using our scope and depth of technical and business experience.

Our capabilities include:

  • Registrations and assistance with starting a business

  • Preparation of business plans, projection of cash flow, and forecast of profit

  • Detailed market demographic research

  • Real estate advisory
  • Project management skills

  • All forms of taxation

  • Business strategies
  • Transaction structuring
  • Taxation + Accounting